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Precious Cargo Child Care & Learning Center is owned and run by Linda Eleam and Camille Eleam- Jones. 

Linda has been involved in the educating and nurturing of children for over 15 years with Pittsburgh Public Schools. When the opportunity to acquire an existing daycare came to her, she decided to turn her attention to running a business.  Using her teaching skills, Linda, and her daughter Camille, who has also been a teacher with Pittsburgh Public Schools, will offer professional, quality care to the children of this vibrant area.

The idea to open a daycare came from Linda, who as an elementary school teacher, realized the need  for children to be nurtured from an early age to help them succeed and excel as students, and Camille, who as a parent of three, saw the benefits of early childhood education. The earlier the student is exposed to rigorous learning, the better they will perform in school in their later years.

As a high school teacher, Camille appreciated the benefits of early education in the success of her students. Along with the opportunity to receive quality education at a young age, both Linda and Camille understand that parental involvement is critical to a child’s success. Precious Cargo will foster this partnership between educators, parents, and their children.  Precious Cargo’s program will meet Pennsylvania State Standards in Education, and creates  an environment  that nurtures the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the children in our care.





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