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Going for a walk


S.T.E.M. seems to be a popular buzzword in education these days.  We know that children who attend a preschool program like ours will gain the building blocks  to have a firm grasp of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.











We take field trips, engage in art and music activities, enjoy some computer-aided instruction, and a variety of developmentally appropriate lessons geared to teach and prepare your child for school. Throughout their day each child learns to appreciate the basics of engineering and science, math and reading, social studies and more.

Playing Dress up

Playing Dress up


















Play is an important part of each child’s day.  Our children learn many skills while engaged in group and independent play. Structured and loosely structured activities are enjoyed inside and outside. Outdoor activities are an integral part of our day.  Children learn to appreciate the season, the weather and learn about their surroundings. Through group play our children learn empathy, fairness, kindness and team building.

Younger Preschool

Younger Preschool playing: Have you ever seen a lassie/laddie?

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