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Our children are divided into classrooms by age. We create an environment that nurtures the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the children in our care ages 6-weeks to 8-years old.  Each classroom has age-appropriate toys, puzzles and a variety of developmentally appropriate lessons geared to teach, aid in socialization, and prepare your child for school.

  • Infant Room: Our infants enjoy a safe, comfortable room filled with things to attract their attention, support learning and independence, develop fine- and large- motor skills, and cultivate early literacy. The room is divided so sleeping children are separate from playing children. All children are given a crib and they do not share cribs. To keep the floor clean in the infant room, the teacher and all visitors wear protective shoe coverings. Once your child turns 1yr and can run, they will move to the Young Toddler room.20150129_110340





  • Young Toddlers: Our one-year old room is a wonderful place where your young toddler will learn independence and enjoy a routine which includes: reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. As they learn through play they will develop a sense of self and build their confidence allowing them to grow bold and adventurous.  20150128_104254








  • Older Toddlers: Our two-year old room builds on what the children experienced in the Infant and Young Toddler rooms. They have a schedule which includes a more rigorous circle time and potty-training assistance. Although they still learn through play, the children have many opportunities to develop listening skills by learning to follow verbal directions. Tremendous growth happens in this room in the areas of verbal communication and fine motor skills.  When your child turns three and is potty-trained, they advance to our preschool, which is on the second floor.20150305_111117

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