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6am – 7pm | Monday – Friday


We take field trips, arts classes, computer-aided instruction, along with a variety of developmentally appropriate lessons geared to teach and prepare your child for school.

Teachers will work daily to assess your child’s growth and development.  Each child will be assessed for social, motor, cognitive, and communication skills.  Parental involvement is crucial and necessary to assist in this process.  Observations and assessments will be documented in writing and shared often.

If your child needs transportation to and from a school in the local area, we will provide it at a reasonable cost.

We keep the atmosphere at Precious Cargo one that is peaceful and welcoming. It is important to us to have good rapport with our parents and we work hard to make sure each employee and child is a good fit for our center.  We would love to show you our center and we welcome parents any time.  Once you are buzzed in to the building, you will be escorted around the center.  Please fill out our contact form to request a personal tour.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment is based on available space.  A waiting list is generated based on the date of initial inquiry.  A $25 registration fee is due at the time of registration.

We require parents/guardians to schedule a visit to the center with their child to meet the staff, receive information about the daily routine, hours of operation, fees, and parental responsibilities for clothing, health policies, arrival and pick-up procedures.  Upon enrollment, parents/guardians will meet with the Director or a designated person to complete the Agreement and all forms related to policies and procedures.  Children have 30 days to have the Health Appraisal filled out by their physician and brought in to the office.  Parents/guardians must agree to annually update the Agreement, Child and Adult Food Program Application, Emergency Contact Information, and Child Health Appraisal forms as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania Safety and Security

Our doors are monitored during business hours.  Everyone must use the buzzer to gain admittance to the building.  Once inside, everyone is greeted and either escorted to the Main Office or allowed to proceed to their child’s classroom.

Precious Cargo Parent Forms

Precious Cargo Child Care Agreement Form

Precious Cargo Emergency Contact Form

Precious Cargo Child Health Report Form

Precious Cargo Child and Adult Care Food Program Income Eligibility Form

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